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Amazing Massage and Healthy Food
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INDIBA Salon   
Nishi Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

phone 03-6877-9920

About Noriko
 2009年からはNoriko's Kitchenをたちあげ、和のテイストあふれる食事会を毎月開催、好評に。2010年から定期的に料理教室を開催。現在では他にパーティーのケータリングのリクエストに応じるなど活躍中。

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High Quality Massage and Food Cuisine Made with One's Whole Heart will Bring Color to Your Life.
Born in Tokyo, Noriko Takayama has been interested in cooking from a young age. 
Around her early twenties, she studied under a chef who worked at a traditional Japanese restaurant in the Kansai area. 
In her late twenties, she learned about various foods and ingredients by working in Tsukiji market. Finally, she opened her own restaurant where served her original cuisine including Chinese or western taste.
Based on an idea of the ancient Asian method “foods can be medicine, a thing to eat makes body”, she started study about the physical care. Massage therapy and Shiatsu in Japan, also in America as well. In the year 2007, she began to work as a personal massage therapist for the vocalist of the rock band Van Halen, David Lee Roth. This was a big turning point, she enlarged her skills and activities.
Opened Noriko's Kitchen in the year 2009 and held dinner party every month. Also, she frequently opens a cooking class starting from the year 2010. Also, she accepts requests of the party catering.